Our Boutique Camping at Pennard Orchard is on the family’s cider farm next to Glastonbury Festival. This allows easy access in and out by car, away from the main festival traffic.

The festival gate is just a ten to fifteen minute walk (we can sadly no longer guarantee buggies but are quietly hopeful we can still shuttle you there). There is a short but steep climb near the Pennard Gate. So those who find walking hard may prefer the longer route round to Gate C. We’d be happy to chat about this and advise on the best route. As you can see from the map, the Pennard Gate takes you straight into the top of the festival. So you’re near The Park and Stone Circle which are also great places to finish the night, before a stroll home to the comfort of your bed... or a nightcap at The Orchard Bar & Restaurant.

Location of Pennard Orchard to Glastonbury Festival