When are you open?

We are open from 11am on Thursday until 12 noon on Monday.

Please let us know if you plan to arrive after 10pm so our Hospitality team know when to expect you. 

What do you provide? Do I need a towel?

Your room will be set up with the number of beds that you requested in your booking and made up with warm bedding and linen. You’ll find a light, bedside table, torch and towels so you can kick back and enjoy the experience in comfort and style.

Whilst we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and secure, please remember that this is still camping. Come rain or shine, hot or cold, we can’t control the weather so please bring appropriate clothing for the weekend and extra blankets if you feel you may need them.

Please note that naked flames and smoking are absolutely not permitted in your room. Where possible please don’t bring any glass or metal into the field due to the livestock that will make it their home again after the festival.

What can we eat and drink? 

Brunch, inclusive with accommodation, is from 8am – 2pm [Friday to Monday]; just give your name to our lovely maître d’ and we’ll ensure you’re well looked after.

Later in the day, we have an à la carte menu, followed by snacks from midnight into the early hours [Thursday to Sunday].

The bar and restaurant is a place to come and chill out, have a drink and take it all in. We will be serving local cider and beer, wine, cocktails and juices; so whether you’re setting off, or just back from a day in the festival, there’s a place to grab a coffee, cocktail or nightcap and a bite to eat. We’ll have newspapers delivered daily, and you can charge your phone here too. Payment in the bar can be made by cash or card.

Can I bring guests? 

You are welcome to sign in up to three guests each between 8am and 10pm. They must be signed in at Reception and are free to enjoy the Orchard Bar & Restaurant as paying guests.

However we kindly request that they don’t use the showers or stay in the accommodation because we want to ensure these remain exclusive to you the Pennard Orchard residents. We also ask that you take full responsibility for your guests.

What facilities do you have? 

We have luxury loos and showers onsite meaning that there are no lengthy queues and the kind of cleanliness and quality that you would expect on a private site.

We have The Powder Room with mirrors, hair dryers and power points for all to use, helping you look and feel your best throughout the festival. Please ask for more details on the pampering options such as blow dries and make up. 

The Revival Room provides a doctor delivered service (NHS trained and currently practicing) that offers unique IV drips and booster shots to get you feeling rejuvenated and ready to do it all over again.

Where can I park?

At Pennard Orchard we have secure parking in the next door field, so you’ll always have quick access to your car from your room. The car park will be manned by security at all times for your peace of mind.

Our friendly team of porters will help you carry your bags from your car to your room. 

Do you have security? 

We have 24hr security looking after both the accommodation and parking meadows, giving you peace of mind. 

Who can I ask if I have any questions? 

We have a helpful and friendly conceirge on all day to ensure that you are well looked after. You will find them at reception. 

How do Tickets, wristbands and pass–outs work?

Please, please, please take care of your ticket, wristband and ‘pass-out’. The festival are not sympathetic to those who lose these key items and it would be a huge shame if you were not permitted entry to the festival if you lost these. At the time of writing, they are as follows: 

TICKET * Required for initial entry to the festival. This will be inspected on your first trip onto the festival site, where it will be torn and you will be issued with a wristband. Keep your ticket on you.

* For hospitality tickets, please ask for instructions as this is a little more complicated but it is very important you bring Photo ID with you as you will not be allowed onsite without this to accompany your pass. If you have purchased hospitality passes through us, these will be waiting for you at Pennard Orchard.

WRISTBAND: This will be issued on your first entry into the festival and is void if tampered with or removed. It’s pretty hard to remove or damage so shouldn’t be an issue.

PASS OUT: This is issued as you exit the site each day. You will need to have this, along with your ticket to gain entry onto the site the next day. You will not be allowed entry without this, the wristband and your ripped ticket.


Where are you located? Can I walk to site? 

Yes you can walk to site. It’s about 10-15 minutes to the Pennard Gate, which includes a short but steep hill. We are the south east side of the festival so you enter near the Park stage and Stone Circle. You can read more and find a map here

We will also offer a shuttle service, to make getting from us to the festival even easier. 

How do I get to you? 

Pennard Orchard is in the village of East Pennard, Somerset. We will send you your Pennard Vehicle Pass and directions by post. This will give you access to Pennard Orchard via back roads, normally closed off to general traffic during the festival period. Please display this in your windscreen at all times so that security can identify you.

On arrival please park up as directed by Security and make your way to Reception. 

Can I arrive by helicopter, train or coach?

Yes you can arrive by helicopter, train or coach. Please get in touch for details.

What do I do on arrival?

Park as directed and come back to the Pennard Orchard meadow where you will be met by one of our concierge at reception to check you in, show you the facilities and to your room. We will leave you to your own devices for the weekend, but please ask if you need anything.

Can I get a taxi to or from you?

This can be tricky as they can't always get in through the road blocks so we wouldn’t advise it. However we can organise a pick up if you book in advance – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss it further.